Monday, April 7, 2014

First Letter From the MTC via

Dear mom,
Oh my goodness!!! It is so true with the MTC being a spiritual firehose and drowning me! I have learned so much and have been so blessed! Conference was the greatest! Elder Holland and President Monson the first day!! HOLY COW!!! The MTC is amazing! I love every minute! The first few days were hard because it was so much to take in and learn. My companion Elder Baumer, is awesome! He is from Big Rapids Arizona! He has taught me so much in just the short 6 DAYS!! Time does fly! My zone leaders are the best! Both super strong in the church and just examples! I have been more blessed in the short time here than I ever have! I am learning and reading! I memorized the purpose, Preach My Gospel page one, and also how to teach the Restoration in 45 seconds! My branch president is the greatest! Loves sports and lets me know how things are going! (Typical right?) I maybe didn't tell you that ;) I am a sports geek!! I cannot wait to get your letter and have something physical to read! I still have your first one and it just makes me smile so big thinking about you and the work you are doing! I love being a missionary and being called Elder Otte! It is funny because my other district in my zone, the Sisters call me Elder Otte the Hotte!! I guess it fits?  I have been getting mail and letters which are keeping me going. I love being the companion of the mail man and checking everyday many times!! I cant add pictures because of the computers, but next week i will!

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